What does it mean to be an “expert translator”?
It means having proven experience and training. An expert translator usually has over 10 years experience and has translated directly with firms of reference, with satisfactory and demonstrable results. The translator is also characterized by his or her versatility, which is to say specialization in several fields, enabling him or her to work on multidisciplinary projects.
How do I request a quote? And how do I make an order if I accept the quote?
Requesting a quote is quick and simple, and of course free, and it can be done in one of two ways: via our quote form (enlace la formulario en inglés) or if you prefer you can send an email directly to principal@adtrad.com, attaching the files for your translation project (if it is the first time you contact us, we suggest using the online form because we will need your company details in order to create your profile). Following this we will send the quote to your email address, which you simply have to confirm if you accept.
If I want to order translations on a regular basis, do I have to fill out the online order form every time?
It is not necessary. The online form is just used for the first order, so that we can create your client profile. Later we can use email to send documents and make the work process more dynamic.
When will my translation be ready?
In our quote request form we ask you to propose a delivery date which suits you. However, this deadline must adapt to our availability and will always depend on the characteristics of your project. The quote we send you includes an appropriate deadline which meets your requirements as closely as possible.
Are the deadlines binding?
As a matter of principle we always strictly respect the deadlines, but unless the client has specified a binding deadline because of a certain project’s requirements, it is understood by default that the deadlines are provisional. The delay in any deadline is an exceptional occurrence that is caused by an unexpected circumstance beyond our control, and in this situation we will notify the client immediately with the aim of resolving it as quickly as possible using all of the measures within our reach.
However, if the deadline is binding due to the particular requirements of a project, we cannot delay the deadline (see general conditions of sale) enlace al formulario en inglés.
I need an urgent translation. Can the standard turnaround time be reduced? Is there a surcharge for urgent translations?
We are aware of the demands in the business field in this respect and we are used to working with short turnaround times, which is why we have made responsiveness one of our main principles. There are no rush fees for clients who place orders of an agreed minimum number of words per month. In any case, we can review with you any reduction in turnaround times that your project requires. We only apply rush fees if the reduction to the standard turnaround time requires significant time input.
Can I access my company’s files (projects, invoices, etc.) at a later date?
Each client has a personalized profile and an assigned space in our database so that its documents are available to it at any moment.
Do you apply cost optimization to the prices offered to your clients?
Yes. Our work philosophy means working with realistic and transparent quotes, and we provide our clients with all of the relevant information. Our regular clients benefit from a reduced rate for repetitions found in the CAT analysis and we do not charge minimum fees. In any case we always make the client aware of any possibilities that a project may have for cost optimization.
Is there a minimum order for translation?
There is no minimum number of words per order. However, like nearly all professional services and with the exception of specific agreements established with a client, we apply a minimum fee of 20 Euros for purely logistical reasons, since any order regardless of how small it is requires a certain mobilization of resources. This fee does not apply to collaboration agreements where a minimum number of translated words per month has been established (see previous points).
I do not need a quality translation. Do you have different rates available according to the quality control performed on each translation?
No. We systematically apply the same quality control regulations to all of our work. We do not consider some services of lower quality than others, nor some translations less important than others: all orders we receive are treated with equal importance.
Can you work with any type of format? Are there surcharges for specific formats?
We work the majority of electronic formats for text processing: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. We only apply surcharges when we have to format the texts in a different application from the source (for example, in the case of a non-editable PDF that has to be scanned, processed with OCR and put in Word). For this reason we recommend that you send us your files directly in an editable format with the aim of reducing costs for the client.
Can you perform desktop publishing and graphic design as a complementary service?
Yes. If your project needs to be designed in a graphic format we can complement the translation service through our collaborating company, which has great references in graphic arts. Thus enabling us to provide the client with the complete process.
Can I contact you at any time with any doubts or questions or to ask about the status of my translation project?
Of course. It is our pleasure to reply to all of your questions. If your order is already underway, we will be available at any time and will provide you with all the information you need. You can contact us by email or by telephone in your native language. At Adtrad we maintain a “real” and rapid contact with our clients, and we always try to give each one the same interlocutor.
How do I pay for the translation?
Unless otherwise requested by the client and with prior and explicit approval by Adtrad, the deadline established in our conditions of sale is 31 days month end from the date of the invoice. However, we reserve the right to request partial or complete payment for a translation at the moment we accept it or immediately following its delivery, especially in the case of urgent translations or if there is lack of information regarding the client’s ability to pay.
What after-sales services do you offer?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we have performed, you can let us know within 15 calendar days following the delivery and Adtrad will reevaluate the work and where appropriate perform a thorough review at no extra cost. However, in principle we strive to resolve any problem with the client before delivering a project. For more information please consult our general conditions of sale.
What do you guarantee regarding confidentiality and data protection?
Our service is is subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force since 25 May 2018. In addition, we always treat your business documents with the strictest confidentiality, right from the moment you first contact us. Likewise, our external translators are contractually subjected to the same rules.