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About us, the translators

The Adtrad translation agency has its main office in Granada (Spain). It was created in 1999 and comprised of three native-language translators. We all have a wealth of experience in the sector, backed by both the number and significance of the projects we have been entrusted with over the years.

The purpose of working as a coordinated team is to directly provide your company with a professional service that can respond effectively to your requirements with regards to translation quality control, speed and reliability.

Proof of this lies in the trust placed in us by our clients for over two decades, covering translation agencies, companies and public institutions.

Three key reasons why you should trust us with your Spanish translations

No forwarding, no third parties

Quality and thoroughness

Punctuality and objective rates

We are the translators. This means that we will be translating, revising and managing your Spanish translation projects, from start to finish. We provide a comprehensive first-hand service, with no forwarding and no surcharges.

Choosing to work as a team satisfies one of our main goals, which is to provide exhaustive quality control through cross-checking.
As set out in the ISO 17100 standard, we rigidly apply the specific guidelines and priorities outlined for each translation project in accordance with its subject area.

We propose realistic, transparent rates, in accordance with our business ethics and professional standing. There is no fine print.
We are used to working to tight, urgent deadlines, and we are scrupulous regarding delivery dates.

Ask about our rates for translation and related services.

If you have a query or would like an estimate for a translation then feel free to tell us what you need, either via email or via the form, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Our values


Cross-checked revision and systematic quality control for all documents


Enjoy the security of always working with the same translators


No loose ends. We do not close a project until fully validated

End to end management and guarantees

All our provisions include:

  • Term management and glossary creation

  • Style management

  • - Systematic optimisation of costs using latest-generation computer-aided translation (CAT) tools

  • No surcharges for technical content

  • No surcharges for tight deadlines


  • We apply the ISO 17100 standard (resources, pre-production, cross-checking, post-production, traceability)

  • After-sales care and guarantee

  • Permanent availability

Trust in our experience to provide your translation projects with thoroughness and distinction.

Member of the Spanish Association of Translators