From the point of view of transparency, we are setting out our rates so that you can know in advance exactly how much the provision will cost.

The rates given below refer to editable documents. We only apply a surcharge when we have to format texts using an application which differs from the original one (for example, in the case of a PDF).

  • Translation (cross-checked review included)
  • Revision and correction (from another language)
  • Revision and correction (Spanish only)
  • Subtitling
  • 0,08 € per source word
  • 0,05 € per source word
  • 0,03 € per word
  • 3 € per minute

When can these rates be reduced

  • If a client can guarantee a volume of work for a period of time or collaboration under contract, the we can negotiate a reduced rate.
  • We optimise estimates using CAT tools; translation memories help us optimise costs within the framework of continuous collaboration.

The added value in translation does not involve excess costs.
You can trust us to optimise the cost entries for your translation projects.